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Dr. Maurice Alwaya, MD

Dr Maurice Alwaya, MD
Dr. Maurice Alwaya, MD

Dr. Maurice Alwaya, MD

Dr. Maurice Alwaya is a pulmonologist in Brooklyn, New York He received his medical degree from University of Aleppo Faculty of Medicine.

He has 37 years of experience. His specialties include Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Diesese. Dr. Maurice Alwaya MD is a male pulmonologist in Brooklyn, NY with over 37 years of experience. Dr. Alwaya is affiliated with well as New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York of pulmonologists nationally. Dr. Alwaya graduated in 1982. He is licensed to practice by the state board in New York. He speaks English.

Pulmonology is the area of medicine concerned with diseases and abnormalities of the respiratory system. Specialists in this field are called pulmonologists and focus on the function of the airway (including the nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and bronchioles), the lungs, and the respiratory muscles.